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Erie County
Soil and Water
Conservation District


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Agricultural Environmental Management (AEM)

AEM is a voluntary, incentive-based program that helps farmers identify their environmental concerns and management needs and coordinates the delivery of technical and financial resources to help farmers operate environmentally sound and economically viable businesses.

Streambank Stabilization

Streambank erosion causes the loss of property; threatens roads, culverts, bridges and buildings and carries tons of soil into our streams. Soil as a sediment pollutes our waterways resulting in the degradation of aquatic habitat and reduced navigability. The District has developed a Streambank Stabilization Partnership Program in Erie County which is a coordinated effort between the District, municipal governments and private landowners to share the cost of implementing structural and non-structural measures to protect critically eroding streambanks. A pilot program, The Buffalo Creek Streambank Stabilization Partnership Program, is being implemented in the Buffalo River Watershed.


The District coordinates, sponsors and supports a number of educational programs and activities in Erie County and the Great Lakes region. Our educational efforts and services focus on natural resource conservation and water quality protection in agricultural and urban areas.

Special Programs

Soil and Water Conservation Districts have the ability to earn income through various programs and services to support and sustain the Soil and Water Conservation District Program in New York State.

Conservation Tree and Shrub Seedling Sale - The District offers an annual sale and distribution of evergreen and deciduous seedlings and transplants for the conservation of natural resources and the enhancement of forestry resources, wildlife habitat and economic development.

Fish Stocking - The District offers an annual sale and distribution of largemouth bass, fathead minnows and trout for the stocking of rural ponds.

Pond Design - The District offers a pond planning service, for a fee, for Erie County residents that would like to construct a pond for wildlife, recreational and fire protection uses.

Conservation Products - The District has a variety of conservation-related products for sale, to help promote wildlife habitat enhancement and learning, including:

  • Blue Bird Nest Boxes
  • Bat Houses
  • Wood Duck Houses
  • Field ID Guides
Stormwater Management

Stormwater includes storm water runoff, snow melt runoff, surface runoff and drainage. Stormwater carries pollutants from yards, roads, construction sites and other disturbed areas into natural water systems and increases occurrences of flooding and soil erosion in waterways. Stormwater management involves planning and implementation of prevention and control measures for the abatement of stormwater quantity and quality impacts on water resources.

Federal Programs

The Erie County Soil and Water Conservation District cooperates with the United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA NRCS) in offering 2002 Farm Bill conservation programs to the residents of the county. The 2002 Farm Bill offers farmers and ranchers incentives to voluntarily conserve natural resources on privately owned farmland. Its conservation provisions help reduce erosion, guard streams and rivers, restore and establish fish and wildlife habitat and improve air quality.

Technical Assistance and Services

The Erie County Soil and Water Conservation District provides technical assistance to rural, suburban and urban residents and municipal governments of Erie County in matters related to the conservation of natural resources. District Services are available to all residents of Erie County.

Agricultural Conservation Assistance - Erosion control, drainage, water quality, agricultural waste management for the owner/operator of the farm operation.

Conservation Assistance to Municipalities - assistance to towns and villages for sediment and erosion control, water management, water quality, soils and design review. Interpretation and public use of resource information - includes natural resource information, aerial photographs and maps pertaining to soils, wetlands, aquifers, floodplains; conservation planning; and recommendations for proposed conservation projects.

Agricultural Assessment Program - Landowners can receive a reduction in the amount of their property tax bills for land in agricultural production by obtaining a reassessment of the property based on its prescribed agricultural assessment value. Owners whose land satisfies the eligibility requirements may apply for an agricultural assessment.

Watershed Planning

Watershed planning is about protecting or restoring proper watershed function. Watersheds have a variety of hydrological and ecological functions. Plans like the Scajaquada Creek Watershed Plan are a community-based effort to provide local municipalities, community groups and organizations with resources to complement their watershed planning and protection activities. CEM (Community-based Environmental Management) also focuses on planning efforts within local municipalities to encourage natural resource and water quality protection.