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Annual Conservation Tree & Shrub
Seedling Program

The District offers an annual sale and distribution of evergreen and deciduous seedlings and transplants for the conservation of natural resources and the enhancement of forestry resources, wildlife habitat and economic development in Erie County.
  Planting tree and shrub seedlings will:
- Provide wildlife food and habitat
- Protect water quality
- Shelter crops and landscape
- Reduce air pollution
- Stabilize erodible land
- Reduce heating/cooling expenses

- 2024 Tree and Shrub Order Form
To view form, you must have Acrobat Reader
Printable order form for trees and shrubs.
7 varieties of Transplants, 28 varieties of Seedlings, and 4 different Seedling Combination Packs, plus an evergreen transplant pack.

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- Varieties Available and Seedling Descriptions Trees available through program, Soil and light requirements, mature heights and growth rates, plant form, fruiting and flowering information, and more.
- Planting Instructions Instructions for proper seedling planting, including "heeling in."
- Wildflower Seed Planting Guidance The Northeast Wildflower Seed Mix is an annual and perennial wildflower mix for planting in the Northeast United States. Additional information can be found at: https://www.americanmeadows.com/content/wildflower-gardening/wildflower-seed-planting-instructions
- Wildflower Seed Mix Ingredients Find out the habit, color, bloom season, bloom duration, growth height, and constituent make up of each mixture.
- Fertilizer Tablet Info Instructions for proper use of fertilizer tablets.
- Temporary Seedling Beds Instructions for creating a temporary bed until seedlings mature enough to transplant.
- Tree Shelter Instructions Instructions for proper installation of tree shelters.
- American Chestnut Foundation (unavailable in 2024) The District offers true American Chestnut trees in its seedling selection. These trees are susceptible to Chestnut Blight. The American Chestnut Foundation is working to develop a hybrid tree that is genetically 90% American Chestnut; the other 10% will contain the genetics for blight resistance. By planting and maintaining American Chestnut groves, landowners will have trees ready for pollination by blight resistant trees when they are available ..... the researchers are getting closer to a resistant tree. Please use the link to the American Chestnut Foundation for more information.


Protect your investment with
Available in 5 foot and 2.5 foot lengths!

Each tree shelter tube comes with a
support stake, ties and bird net
- Increase the success rate of plantings
- Encourage healthy growth
- Reduce animal, wind and mowing damage
- Conserve moisture
- Support maturing trees

* For broadleaf planting only

A seedling is a tree which has been grown in the planting bed in which it was sown for one (1-0), two (2-0) or three (3-0) years. A transplant is a seedling which has been moved to another bed and set out separately a few inches apart. A (3-1) transplant has been in the seedling bed for three years and a transplant bed for one year. A (2-2) transplant has been in the seedling bed for two years and a transplant bed for two years. The transplant is hardier than a seedling - it has a thicker stem, more branching and a more extensive root system; it is not necessarily taller.